I’m Amanda, a Dutch expat currently exploring the road in Brazil.

My love for travel has played a big part in my life and my wanderlust has brought me to many places. From travelling solo in South America for 18 months to working in London’s corporate world, I loved it all. I’ve visited over 40 countries and lived in Buenos Aires, Guayaquil, London and now Brasilia.

My itch to simply move around and visit yet another country has been making room for pure admiration for our beautiful planet over the past years. Whether it’s a sunrise in Myanmar or a toucan flying over a Costa Rican river, I’m in total awe every time.

On View from the road, I combine my wanderlust and love for nature with my other hobbies: photography and writing. With a busy daily life, it’s hard to make time for these things. This blog is first and foremost a place for me to store the memories I made and a reminder to capture many more. However, I also hope that my photos and stories inspire others to get on that road and explore our unique world – it has so much to offer!

I’m a huge fan of Latin America and I’m just going to warn you: I’m totally biased when I write about this continent. My list of visited countries in the world has slowly stopped growing as I simply keep returning to Latin America every year. There seems to be no other option for me, I keep being pulled there.

Having travelled extensively in developing countries in Latin America and elsewhere, I’ve also seen the disastrous consequences of the way we treat our planet. I care deeply about sustainability and want to focus more on this topic in my blogs. Do you want to collaborate or share tips on sustainable projects in this region? Drop me a line here!



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