Pantanal: where nature comes alive


Last month I could finally tick one much-craved trip off my travel wish list: the Pantanal. We had waited for the right season; the dry season, the season of jaguar spotting. It was a long wait – but the trip was worth waiting for.

Pantanal monkey

So a few weeks ago it was finally time to hop on that plane to Cuiabá. And there I was, again, ready to discover yet another paradise in Brazil. It’s just incredible how much this country has to offer.

I really wanted to see a jaguar. I saw eight.

I really wanted to see a giant anteater. I saw three.

And I really, really wanted to see a hyacint macaw, ever since I had given a school presentation about macaws when I was little. I saw many, many macaws.

Pantanal macaw

I saw everything I wanted to see, and much more.


Another dream come true. The Pantanal is a must-do when you travel to Brazil. And obligatory when you’re a wildlife lover. There was life in nature every time we looked around.



How can these animals not enchant you?

Pantanal sunset


I came back so enthusiastically, that I have a feeling I’ll go back there again. It was wonderful to be immersed in nature every single day, with the only tasking of spotting wildlife as you go. We had a wonderful guide from North Pantanal.

My next post will have some travel tips on the Pantanal. Have you ever been? If so, what did you think of it? Or is it still on your travel wish list?



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