Travel review of 2018 and goals for 2019


Travel wise, 2018 was an amazing year. I lived and still live in Brasilia, but I travelled a ton in Brazil and also to Europe. The destination I most visited was, not surprisingly, Rio de Janeiro. I love this city! So much that I went back there seven(!) times this year. My next Rio adventure is already planned for January 2019. What else have I been doing? I also visited the beautiful Chapada dos Veadeiros three times, spent some days in the beautiful Florianopolis, had to go to Sao Paulo for work three times, travelled to Recife twice in a week, made a work trip in a tiny propeller plane in Mato Grosso state, flew back to the Netherlands three times, and did some reminiscing in London. 


But my highlights of the year were definitely my longer holidays and trips to the Amazon. I travelled in Northern Brazil for two weeks, visited several places in the beautiful Amazon and did a 60-km hike in Lençois Maranhenses. And for work, I had the most incredible opportunity to discover non-touristic areas in the Amazon and stay with an indigenous family in the most pristine forest for a few days. 

Lençois Maranhenses



Does this leave anything desired for 2019? Hell yeah! I had some places on my Brazil travel wishlist for a while which I haven’t crossed off yet, some of which are being planned. I’ll be visiting the beautiful island of Fernando de Noronha as well as the town of Olinda in February. Very high on my travel wishlist is also the Pantanal, which might happen in June (and please could I finally see a jaguar?). I would also love to travel to Bonito and Pipa. And of course, I cannot forget Rio, the city in which I will spend my birthday weekend in January and hope to visit many times more next year.

Looking ahead, I’m sure that 2019 will be another fantastic travel year. My only concern is my carbon footprint – with over 40 flights this year, I’m really not living up to my own environmental standards. Who else faces this dilemma?

What are your travel goals or wishes for 2019?


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