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Travel wish list 2018

The new year kicked off with a slow start for me. I was on holiday in the mother country until the first week of January and came back to Brazil with a cold (and a day later than planned, due to another missed connecting flight). It wasn’t until now that I started thinking of my travel goals and wish list for 2018.

Travel wise, 2017 was a fantastic year that will be hard to beat. I made business trips to Lisbon, Madrid and Rome in the spring, and went on a short trip to western Germany, where I did my first solo hike (only 9km though) as my travel companions were skiing. In May, I went on one of my best trips yet: the Galapagos islands. Even though I had already lived in Ecuador and visited the country plenty of times, I had never been to the Enchanted Islands. Now I can’t believe what took me so long – this unique place really stole my heart. Check out my travel tips for the Galapagos here.

In June and July, I made a couple of short trips: I went to Ibiza and Croatia with my friends. And in August, it was finally time for yet another move to my favourite continent: this time I was going to move to Brazil!

In the first few months here, it felt like I was travelling non-stop. I made trips (for both business and pleasure) to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (both a couple of times), Ilha Grande, Salvador, Porto Alegre and Chapada dos Veadeiros. (Stay tuned, my next blog post will be on the beautiful area of Chapada dos Veadeiros!) On top of these trips, I also went back to the Netherlands three times… You can imagine I got a bit tired of airplanes, airports and taxis.

Now that I’m back home in Brasilia, it’s time to start thinking of my travel wish list for this year. Honestly, all I really want is to visit a few new places in Brasil and perhaps one or two other countries, but ditch the travel frequency of last year. Luckily, the country I live in offers plenty of adventures!

  1. The Amazon, Brazil

It’s been a longtime dream of mine to visit the Amazon. I’ve been attracted to its green forests, the tropical bird noises and the annual newly discovered animals for as long as I can remember. It just seems like such a magical place. On top of that, I’m fascinated by the indigenous people that live there, particularly by their way of living in such harmony with their surroundings. I’ve visited the Amazon in Bolivia, but really want to go more north this time, closer to the actual Amazon river.

Photo by shwethashankar, creative commons Flickr

2. The Pantanal, Brazil

Same reasons as above! I’ve been to the Pampas in Bolivia, which I believe is quite similar, but I really want to visit the Brazilian side this time.

3. Lençois Marahenses, Brazil

Someone only told me recently about this place, and it seems super cool! They are sand dunes filled with water, in the right season.

Photo by Jörg Rausch, creative commons Flickr

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ahh… my favourite city! When I was younger, I spent quite some time there: a couple of months in 2008 and 2009, and six months in 2012. I loved living there, but haven’t been back since. Time to return, me parece! Can’t wait to hang out with the porteños again, have drinks in Palermo and stroll the streets of San Telmo. Luckily, there are direct flights from Brasilia.

5. Iceland

I’ve been wanting to go to Iceland for a very long time, and even though I don’t think it will happen this year, I keep hoping. I long for a vacation with some hiking, and I think Iceland will be something I’ve never seen before, with its spectacular landscapes. I’m sure I’ll be stuck to my camera the entire time!

Well, that’s it! A modest list for me, this time. What are your travel plans and wishes for this year?


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